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Virgin Media Complaints Team, where to go first, where not to go first, all you need to know before you contact any of Virgin Media Complaints Teams.
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Virgin Media Complaints Team

Post by admin » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:22 am

Virgin Media Complaints Team

Virgin Media Complaints Team is a contridiction in terms, I dont think they have anyone as such.

If your going to tke them on you have two choices.

1/Their way=hastle and lots of it they dont like giving refunds or credits, they dont like canceling contracts either if if they are totally to blame, if your reading this before you take on a virgin media contract your best to think again.
2/ Dont go to them first if you think you have a very strong case against them build up your story on the web just copy and paste it then stick it on every dispute website in europe, copy all the links along with your story and his virgin media' Facebook wall.

On the subject of virgins facebook wall- if your story is hard enough hitting they may invite you on to virgins own webchat, facebook admins constantly telling everyone they dont have account information (they are lying) its the same admins doing the webchats and all information is at hand so they are full of crap (sorry to be so blunt).

They wont ever speak to you over the phone this is because they hate the idea of being recorded telling customers all manner of rubbish, if you think I am over egging just how bad this media company is try it for yourself?

If all else fails then your next safe bet is by engaging with the free dispute center ... complaints

Resolver is good you can send all your documents of your complaint and they will submit it to CISAS after 8 weeks of non-action this way you are fullfilling your obligations to allow the correct time to allow virgin to repond.

Whenever your in contact with virgin screen capture everything and copy and paste everything.