Sony XZ Xperia Overheating Camera

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Sony XZ Xperia Overheating Camera

Post by admin » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:23 pm

Sony XZ Xperia Overheating Camera

I have such an issue with this XZ xperia and it makes this phone a brick, IT WAS so much better when it first came out on Android 5.1 but Sony pushed owners to update all the way to 8.0.

Now there is lots of other complainers on the web with other overheating problems and all with zero support from Sony this really is a disaster for this brand with millions of XZ users, if that cant fix it through software then they will have to release a fix to take us all back to the begining if thats the best we can hope for?

My XZ on android 8.0 will start overheating in video mode after just 35 seconds upto 3 mins that is NOT normal and threfore a fault or design fault yet virgin and their repairers Unipart says this is normal operation, yeh right any samsung I have had would never overheat and I have an S6 Edge, S8+ and a S9 so Virgin media and Unipart are talking utter rubbish as per usual.

The CPU seems to be an issue aswell being the Snapdragon 820 where it replaced the problematic and overheating 810 version and perhaps thats the reason for all the overheating issues either way Sony should recall and replace this phone or suffer the consumer backlash going forward.

Please post your experinces of your version of Xperia below by opening a new topic.