Anyone had to complain about Virgin Media?

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Anyone had to complain about Virgin Media?

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Anyone had to complain about Virgin Media?
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As the title says has anyone had to complain about virgin media?
To cut a very long story short we orderedSky sports for 1 month in May when Rotherham United were in the play offs. We were wanting to go to Wembley to watch, but I had suffered a stroke a few weeks previously and advised not to go.

I was told the cost would be £31.50 and would reflect in my bill the following month. I ordered the sky sports 15th May and cancelled it 4th June So not had this a full month. However was told that I would have to give 30 days notice and this would end at the start of July.

I got my bill last month £160 I thought ok they have charge me for the May and the 30 period of notice. Then yesterday I get my next bill still showing Sky sports and charging me £123

So i call virgin (who we have been customers of for 11 and a half years) I was basically told that this is the cost? I was so angry over £100 for 2 months?I asked o be put through to cancellations as I was so mad.

The girl I spoke to was very rude and kept saying how silly it was for me to be looking at cancelling as I was getting credited £50 back today? I said no where and at any point does it say I am getting £50 back it says I am getting charged £123 for something that I cancelled over a month ago. I asked to be put through to complaints, she said that they don't have a complaints department? Surely a large company like Virgin Media have a complaints department? I then asked to speak to her manager she said no she would deal with me.
The way she spoke to me made my blood start to boil! She talked over me and was arguing with me. I really don't need to be getting stressed out at the moment! I was actually shouting at her down the phone by the time I had done she angered me that much. I said I would ring again today.

However I was so mad I rang back and spoke to a very pleasant young man who dealt with my cancellation and said that he would put me through to speak to a manager however I just wanted to cancel by this point. I said to him very calmly that I am not a rude person and usually extremely polite and friendly and do not try to ask me to change my mind about cancelling my package with them. He also confirmed that they don't have a complaints department. I find this very odd indeed.

Anyway I have cancelled and gone with talk talk for less than half what I was paying with Virgin, I will just have to wait and see how they are1

So much for being long story short (sorry)

Does anyone know if I just go to the regulator with my complaint? Its isn't just the overcharging at this time, its the rubbish internet that they kept saying that I was getting 100mb's but the router I have was only capable of delivering 20mb at best but were charging me for 100. They sent out an engineer who upgraded me for free to 200mb and we are lucky to get 20mb still It wasn't a free upgrade either my broadband price went up! My bill used to be £72 then went up to £88.97 with the free upgrade with just as rubbish speed as before

Any help/thoughts appreciated if you have made it this far!