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Post by Bunter » Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:43 am

Here is a copy of a email I recieved on the 27th from Chris he is one of the webchat team who speaks the biggest load of crap ever lol Hopefully you will be able to follow it if not ask any questions you like of me, it also shows how Virgin tries to duck out of our consumers rights and consumer laws.

these to emails was also sent to Virgin Medias CEO We won't hold our breaths to much by all account hes useless.

>EComplaints <>

3:42 PM (9 hours ago)

to me
27th June 2018

Account number: 07414544***
Our ref: COM1025480**

Dear Mr H*******

Thanks for your complaint received on 20th June 2018 concerning your recent experience with Virgin Media. We are very sorry to hear you are unhappy with the experience you have received. To ensure you receive a response to your complaint, we are now writing to you to avoid any further delay.

Our understanding from reading your complaint is you have requested for Virgin Media to review the following points;

Poor Customer Experience
Faulty handset

We would like to assure you that your complaint has been fully reviewed and investigated. In response to the points you have made we would like to offer the following:

First and foremost we are really disappointed to hear we have fallen short of your expectations as a customer; rest assured the feedback you have provided will be raised with the relevant areas of the business to help improve the quality of our service.

Virgin Media pride themselves on providing their customer with the highest level of customer service. We do appreciate from time to time human error can pave the way for feedback and improvement. Virgin Media will always endeavour to listen and act accordingly to any feedback you and other customer’s provide Virgin Media.

We have looked in to this for you and can see that a complaint was raised on the web chat, where we stated that the phone would need to come in for a repair. When looking at the notes on the account we can see that the phone has been in for repair once before and this was for a microphone fault which was repaired and has nothing to do with the current fault.

The current fault is for overheating, we can see when it went in for repair on and this was for the camera app not opening and the LCD screen was replaced as per the notes by the manufacturer.

We can see that the phone has never been booked in for overheating and this is what needs to be done so that this can be resolved. You stated that the camera doesn’t work due to the phone over heating; we now need to book this in for overheating so that the issue can be resolved.

We can see that the phone is still under warranty by the manufacture and is eligible for a repair. We have sent you packaging to your home address which you should now be in receipt of and we request that this is sent back to the manufacture so that the fault can be resolved.

You mention in your email that we refuse to replace or repair the handset and we can confirm that this is untrue as we have booked it in for repair and sent you packaging so that this can be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

You mention that the mobile phone became faulty on June 30th 2017 and when looking at the notes on the account that the phone was booked in for repair on June 27th 2017 and this was for a microphone fault which was fixed. We can see that the phone was sent to the manufacture on the 22nd November 2017 and this was for an issue with the apps.

Since then the phone has not been back in for repair until June 6th 2018 where this was booked in for a camera fault of which the LCD screen was replaced by the manufacture.

It must me stated that the phone has never been booked in for overheating and this is what the current issue is and why we have sent you packaging so that the fault can be booked in and repaired.

You mentioned that they cannot fix the phone and it as there is no known repair and a design fault; we would ask that as the phone has never been booked in for a repair for overhearing how can this be the case?

You mention that you want a full refund for all monies paid for the phone as you claim that a faulty handset has been supplied to you as the phone has overheating issues. We would be unable to repair this and look at the overheating issues if the phone is not sent in to the repair centre.

You claim that we have offered to cancel the contract and offered you a new 12 month deal, you do have the option to upgrade the phone and get a new one and this option is open to you. We do offer customers to trade in their old handsets and full information can be found at:

We have looked in to this and the maximum you would get for your handset would be £64.50 and we wouldn’t advise this as the phone is still under warranty and eligible for a repair.

You mention that the phone is now 10 months old and want a full refund which has been paid; we would not be able to do this on the basis that:

The phone has been used for a period of 10 months.
The phone is still under warranty and would need to be repaired.

You mention that you want to escalate your case and if you wish to does this then please follow the complaints code of practice found here: or you can find the full link below: ... actice.pdf

We understand that you wanted to submit the complaint in writing and we feel that we have given you an adequate response to your email. We hope that you send the phone to us so that we can ensure that the phone is looked at and repaired, if the manufacture is unable to repair the phone, they will replace the phone with the same model or one which is of equal value.

Kind regards,

Social Media Team
Virgin Media

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This email and any attachments are or may be confidential and legally privileged and are sent solely for the attention of the addressee(s).

Virgin Media will never ask for account or financial information via email. If you are in receipt of a suspicious email, please report to

If you have received this email in error, please delete it from your system: its use, disclosure or copying is unauthorised. Statements and opinions expressed in this email may not represent those of Virgin Media. Any representations or commitments in this email are subject to contract.

Registered office: Media House, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UP
Registered in England and Wales with number 2591237

11:56 PM (1 hour ago)

to >EComplaints

Hello Chris, thank you for that but here’s the thing your customer service team never reports the right fault when it goes back to the repairer not once has this happened, every time I have had to amend the repair sheet and say it’s the wrong repair advice only for that to be completely ignored by the repair team once its went in for repair so we can’t trust that can we, besides many customers have already reported this is exactly what happens if the fault is very expensive to repair so perhaps it’s really by design?

For example our web chat last week you put on the advice to the repair team it was for BATTERY OVERHEATING not once in our web chat did we mention battery overheating problems so where did that come from?

More importantly every time I have asked customer services about either a new repair or to get this overheating camera issue fixed your customer services in the tech side kept saying they were fully aware of the handsets overheating issues and they were waiting for Nero 8 and later versions to fix the overheating issues and refused point blank to take it in for repair. ... -W6QeoPbjM

I thought if no repair can be made or was not available then what would be the point of sending it in at all, just like my point no repair is available right now as I note with interest you have not made it clear at all in this response that this known Xperia overheating issue that the entire community is aware of and with so many returns from customers of other mobile providers shows this is indeed a faulty design with no known cure unless of course you can prove otherwise?

Are you denying the regulators of virgin media are not aware of this overheating faults and there’s a record of other customers being fully refunded for being supplied with this faulty phone by other providers, other providers removed them from sale because of this and other faults with this phone and the high rate of faulty returns.

Any mobile phone has to be fit for purpose so it follows any smart phone that overheats within 180 seconds is not fit for purpose and the last time it went into YOUR Sony repairer it was not fixed at all and perhaps your CS team has been instructed to ignore such concerns and write any such crap on the repairers invoices to cover up such problems?

The only time this camera phone went into your repair shop for overheating issues on the actual repair invoice was two weeks ago they found the fault and repaired it here is the evidence on youtube they failed yet you have stated its an easy repair or it can be repaired NO IT CANT, or prove it Chris?

Posted within 24 hours after it came back from the repairer, how come they had it 2 days fixed it and this was the result?

I have asked Virgin CS every time to release Sony's official repair for the camera's overheating issues known throughout the industry, if there is one at all, SONY UK has stated to me on the phone there is no FIX or Repair for overheating XZ handsets and your proving my case by not releasing the details of the repairs at all?

Have you contacted the repairer yourself in person to find out anything at all, no mention of that rather important piece of information you have left out Chris?

Virgin is rated as a company less than 1/5 on and trust pilot showing how bad Virgin treats its customers most state they want to give a zero ranking as 1 is too good a score to give you, you don’t get industry reviews like that by being honest and trustworthy and acting in the best interests of your customers.

Your response is entirely predictable and complete nonsense and does not stack up to a row of beans, the phone has always had these overheating issues a simple Google search proves that has always been the case it’s also true that Sony stated a fix was going to be in the Nero Android update same information your CS was giving all virgin mobile customers basically playing for time at your loyal customers expense?

You stated "The phone is still under warranty and would need to be repaired". It cant be repaired there is NO KNOWN fix if thats not true include a statement from Sony UK stating thats not true? That would be so easy for a company such as Virgin Media to get and release but you wont because you and Virgin Media don't care?

As I have stated to you before and given this response I have used my emmense web-skills set and opened an media dispute website and we will get a full picture of any wrong doing by your company overtime on other loyal virgin customers as information is king and the days of pulling the wool over their eyes will be a thing of the past!

This reply along with yours will be forwarded to ref RES551236* and no-doubt to onto the CISAS service where you and this stupid response will get what it deserves?

Kind regards

Past loyal Virgin Media Customer.

B***** H*******.

Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Virgin Mobile Contract Faulty Sony XZ Camera Overheating
brian hunter <>

12:19 AM (1 hour ago)

to tom.mockridge
Virgin Mobile Complaint to the CEO about a faulty phone that there is NO KNOWN CURE for?

Kind regards,
Bro. B***** H******.

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Post by admin » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:28 pm

19th of July virgin gave up the fight against my case and agreed to replace it with like for like ie the same shitty XZ now given what my complaints are and given its a well known fault I fear I will be back to normal within days. the good news is its coming with a completely useless sony speaker that might work better than the

If you have a mobile complaint post your story here then get the link top of page and post it on their facebook or media forums the power and general traffic is rising daily?

I wish to thank Louise and Mark thus far they are the only ones from a very large media company that has any idea how to treat customers?

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Post by admin » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:36 am


6 minutes ago - last edited 3 seconds ago

Good morning team, just spoke to a very nice lady from mobile complaints in Manchester who advised me on this badly designed phone 1 was getting 4 months free air time credit as a given and the only option left open to me was to trade in my BROKEN PHONE (THATS FRAUD BY THE WAY) and virgin was going to give me a litte off my buy out of my current contract in order to get a new handset!

So before it goes to deadlock state a manager is finally going to give me a call, so before he does I would like him to think before he speaks;

1/ Selling badly designed goods that cant be repaired is imoral and against the consumer act 2015!

2/ Full refunds must be available to the customer (I have never asked for this)?

3/ just step back and think if this happened to you would you except this offer if you were supplied faulty goods your yourself that never fullfilled the description of the said goods, paid £280 so far in good faith and your only offer was to buy out your remaining contract for faulty goods at a discount how stupid does virgin think us virgin customers are, they would not do it themselves so don't expect others to do it either?

What is happening at virgin these dark days, you cant treat people/customers like this in effect your trying to bully us into making wrong choices thats so far removed from consumer law its really scary, yes your there to make profit but your not here to rip us off or are you?

I would like a credit of monies already paid towards a phone of my choice and ofcourse it gets worse becuase all this is governed by "a-ha will you pass our credit scoring" shows this is just all plain crazy guys?

Why they cant allow us to just get a replacement phone from a different manufacture to roughly the same wholesale value and carry on with a signed disclaimer that we except the new goods as replacements to the orginals is beyound me, instead you want us to continue to pay for faulty goods and then make more money out of us going forward you might get some dafty people but your not getting me, wise up guys this is going to end badly for your reputations not that is something virgin cares to much about

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Post by admin » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:27 pm




Dear Sirs, as virgin media has now decided to give me my deadlock letter You give me no choice and have been legally advised to now formally to request a subject to access request SAR regarding all my case notes and recorded calls it’s my information and require it to further my complaint on my overheating SONY XZ mobile phone with the CISAS.
There was a lot of false information in the deadlock letter including the fact virgin sent a replacement phone (different colour forest blue) and a free gift Sony Speaker (still unopened) and it had the same fault with both phones now having the camera overheating within 3 minutes so the offer of a seventh repair is utter nonsense and virgin knows it and the reason there was no mention of it?
Both phones are now on YouTube showing the exact SAME overheating fault under the 2015 consumer act I don’t need to prove all Sony XZ units has the same fault I only have to have a sample (both phones supplied by virgin media, plus all the professional reviews showing the same fault!
My first supplied XZ phone
My second replacement phone supplied to me on the 20th of July 2018 which your deadlock letter makes no mention of and destroys your case by the way overheats 30 seconds earlier than the first one at 2.31 minutes and as you can see the free gift under the TV proving it was the exchanged/replacement handset
My replacement phone was not new stock as promised but refurbished and the phone has no Samsung warranty on its motherboard unlike my first contracted virgin Sony XZ so your team has put me in an even worse position is unforgivable!
How can you send me a deadlock notification if your information is not complete of correct unless that was your intentions from the beginning?
I want copies of all my notes and call recordings in this complaint. This request needs to go to your Operations Manager unless the CEO team can do it directly?
Kind regards,
Mr Brian Hunter.

Copied to my resolver case file.

This case proves Virgin are dodgy as fook! The story (SAGA) continues?

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Post by admin » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:33 pm

On our wavelength
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7 minutes ago - last edited 2 seconds ago

It’s not in the hands of CISAS yet its back in the hands of the CEO team and you will never guess what they are trying to do Louise, they are trying to find my old Faulty phone that was collected in place of my faulty replaced refurbished handset they gave me 2 weeks ago because wait for it, because the refurbished unit that was promised to me as brand new stock had no SONY warranty information on its motherboard and Virgin should have sent me a brand new phone Virgin has put me in a worse consumer position!!!

I have got to hand it to Virgin as being the most stupid Mobile Company in the world!

So now they have embarked on the most stupid exercise ever in the history of looking for a needle in a very big haystack and even if they find it they are admitting they are going to supply me with my old faulty phone again rather than send me a new one that works shows how crazy Virgins CEO team have become!

So you guys fully understand what’s going on now, Virgin are claiming they have no stock of my faulty Sony XZ left and as all Sony phones has the Sony warranty details embedded within the phones, refurbished stock don’t, then when they sent me the replacement which incidentally had the exact same design fault my consumer rights was breached as Sony would never except that unit in for repairs?

Which is true, neither would any of us so now rather than supply me a brand new working phone of the same value they are now hunting for my old design fault phone to put me back in the same position as if before I excepted to the exchange??? So what about dealing with the issue of the design fault XZ?

What on earth is going on Louise, virgin team, who in their minds would deal with such a crazy way to do things company?

If it speeds things up I will except the first offer made to me to exchange it for Nokia 8 and sign any DISCLAIMERS.

You guys have to admit this saga is becoming unbelievable and its actions incomperhensable?

posted here ... 64#M120767

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Post by admin » Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:52 am

Asked for a SAR subject to access request 2 months ago and three letters for head office later still waiting, I think they have looked them over a know they are screwed big time, virgin are full of crap, you cant trust them to do anything right by the customer oh and the 4 months free air time as compo went out the window, lying scumbags!!!

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Post by admin » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:47 pm

Just got back my virgin mobile SAR subject to access request, don't bother more to do with other peoples data rather than the customers but very interesting reading should one be looking for a reason to kill themselves!

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Post by admin » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:23 pm

My complaint has now been passed to CISAS last Friday lets see how they work or don't whatever the case shall be.

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Post by admin » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:32 pm

Now in the hands of CISAS and virgin has 12 days later to respond to my complaints of supplying me with faulty goods not once but twice, good luck with that I say! lol

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Post by admin » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:51 am

ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT FOR VIRGIN TO REPLY = NUMPTIES if this is how they treat me think what chances you have???

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