Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints, Please post all your Virgin Mobile Phone Complaints in this section what's good or bad about the service, what response you have had from Virgin customer services, what's your verdict on Virgins Phone Repairs Team?
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I was a Virgin fan and have been loyal…

I was a Virgin fan and have been loyal to the brand however Virgin Mobile has changed my opinion of this brand unfortunately. I was sold a Samsung A8 phone however an A3 was delivered. Following conversations with Virgin Media team in the Philippines were extremely frustrating. I at last spoke with one customer service representative who at last acknowledged that I had been sold the A8 at a wrong price and therefore had been sent the A3. (As an aside when I was sold the phone insurance they did not mention that there was a £60 claim fee).
When I was then sent a returns bag there was no bar code to enable free return postage. It then took me an additional 1 hour to get a new bag sent to me running through so far 5 customer service people. I am on the phone still as I write this! Wish me luck and avoid Virgin Mobile. So frustrating talking to staff in the Philippines.

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